Thursday, January 1, 2009

Catching up since the Holiday

We had a great Christmas! Jess pulled one over on me, he snuck at the last minute on Christmas Eve and got each of the kids one more gift, and the most sinful of all, he got me some presents. Thankfully I had him some "emergency" ones. He set everything up this year letting me sleep, what a nice guy. So when everyone woke up Santa really had came!!! It was really something. He was beaming as everyone saw thier treasures, including me. He did really good with my presents too , he got me 3 pairs of Big Star pants, the first 3 books on hard back to Twilight saga, and a really good memory card for my camera. Paisley ended up getting her Playhouse that really has a working door bell, ice cream set, and her beloved glass tea set. Dominic got his laser tag, remote control car, and the famous Tribot. Seth really enjoyed his Harry Potter (really actually talking) sorting hat, Harry Potter Monstrous book of Monsters (it's just like the one on the movie) and his very own DVD player for his room. Each of them also got a few more things each but you really aren't interested in knowing them all. Jess got Rock Band!!! and I don't think he cares about anything else he got, except the way nice beard trimmer and shaver. He will stay up and play the rock band until 2am on the weekends. Sadly he has now passed it all the way off, every song!!! Hey but I never knew I could sing so well. My brother got to call us from his mission. He rang in at 8:30 am. So everybody in my family (mom sisters niece, and nephews all crowded into my house at 9 am) Because of the big snow storm my dad had to plow starting at 5 am and not stopping until 7pm. He did sneak in for a brief half hour to talk to my brother. But my mom and dad, oh and Bailey, all had to wait until 8pm to open their gifts.

My Birthday was the other day, I turned twenty- @#*. I really don't like my birthday because of it being so close to Christmas. I always had my grandparents tell me I didn't need any presents because I had just gotten a bunch for Christmas. When you are a little kid it's hard to understand why you don't get a birthday gift but your siblings get both, a Christmas gift and birthday gift. But hey, I am grown and gifts don't mean as much any more. I always ask for the same thing every year. A day of being waited on hand and foot. I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT! There is always next year. Well Jess did spoil me this year anyways. He got me yet an other outfit, and he took me and the kids out to dinner together. My sister and her boyfriend joined us and he even got me a gift. He paid attention to a song I was always saying I loved (it was his ring tone) so he had checked to make sure I did own it and went and got it for me. He showed up to dinner with it wrapped and even had a signed card. I was blown away. My baby sis had better keep hold of this one. So now the New Year has started and the old had left with my family enjoining the time we all had together. I hope everyone enjoyed this past year as much as we have, and I hope this one goes just as fast. Come on DECEMBER 19th 2009!


Kate said...

Oh Laci I can't imagine why your excited for Dec 19th...:)I hadn't heard the for sure date yet so now I know when to look forward to it! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas I will admit I'm totally jealous of your Rock Band...WANT IT! Sooo bad... maybe when he's done with school. Anyway I'm gonna check my email right now hope I got something from you. ;)And P.S. you are looking so tiny! You'll have to tell me your secret! Hope your B-day was great!

aust, jess, janson said...
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