Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Book Review!

The Hollow
By Jessica Verday
Couldn't you just lick this cover? It's beautiful! This book is very good.
Abbey's best friend, Kristen, disappears from the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery bridge and while everyone thinks is was suicide. Abbey refuses to believe such a thing, but when she finds out about a secret life Kristen was keeping from her, she doesn't know what to think. At the funeral, Abbey meets a hot guy named Caspian and come to find out. He has a few secrets of his own. When Abby starts to find out the truth about her friends she also uncovers the truth behind the legend of Sleepy Hollow and doesn't know how much more her sanity can take.
I loved this book. It's also the first book of a three part series, each one coming out every September. If you want a good follow up to Twilight This book, The Hollow of the previous one Wings are both excellent picks!


eteeter said...

Laci I saw that you have a blog on facebook so I checked it out. I really like what you have done. I am glad that you post books that you like. I LOVE the Twilight series and wish I could find more books that can grab hold of me like that. I will have to check out the ones you recomend. You have some really cute photos of your kiddos. You look like a fun mom. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I would like to visit again and see some more books you recommend. Crystal

Laci said...

Thanks Crystal...comment away!