Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had so much fun!

This is the only deer Jess got this year.
The lil' Trick or Treaters heading out to get some candy...

Dom is so scary!

Paisley is such a cute Minnie Mouse

Seth is a tough KING KONG, my friend Connie Yearsley made this outfit for him last minute. She did a great job!

At the end of the night the kids had filled their buckets full of candy and were done. Although, when we had ran out of candy, I turned out the porch lights but it didn't stop the trick or treaters. They kept on coming... I thought that having you light on meant you are welcome to knock but if it's off that the house is no longer playing? Am I wrong. But, anyway. The kids had so much fun. Jess was shocked when I put on my costume. I got it just a few hours before we left. We had a good laugh.
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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